Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ME, Me, me, you, You, YOU.

There's a name I am extremely familiar with.  So familiar in fact that I'm kind of over it.  The name is "Me".  A few years ago my staff team had a joke regarding a band we had heard rehearsing.  We kept hearing the lead singer say, "Can I get a little more me in the mic?"  "Can I get a little more me in the monitor?"  "A little more me, please?"  Over the past little while I have been listening to the Lord say to me, "This life is not all about you."  Don't get me wrong, I know He adores me.  I know He cares and pursues.  But I've seen too much of ME over the years.  Recently I went on a cruise.  The cruise was a gift and one night while watching the sunset I was thinking about Jesus and wondering what if He had come to Earth with a "ME" mentality.  How different life would be.  I think about Philippians 2 and how He made himself nothing and humbled himself to death and not just any death, but death on a cross.  And the Father gave him the name that is above every other name.  A name greater than "Me".  A name greater than Obama or George.  A name greater than Osama or Haggard.  A name greater than Billy Graham or Mother Theresa.  Greater than Tim Keller or Larry Crabb. A name of the one that one day I will have the joy of seeing face to face.

I've realized more lately that my longing for Home has increased.  For years I have wrestled with this strange sense of sadness and restlessness that usually comes everyday around the hours of 5PM-8PM.  I've often attributed it to winter, a draining time in ministry, singleness, whatever is about ME.  My sweet sister even made me a hilarious CD several years ago called, "5 to 8" with lines from Christmas Vacation, dance music, and a variety of entertaining musings.  Well people, I've had an epiphany (which most of you would say "duh" to).  I think no matter what happens in my life, dreams fulfilled, a life lived to the fullest, community, etc. that I will always have that slight sadness or restlessness.  Why? Because it is a very real reminder that I am not Home yet.  It reminds me that there is a greater invitation Jesus offers to us than just having a "good life".  I think I would be bored.  So this invitation continues..............

As I think back over 2010, I could not be more grateful for the journey and the process.  The first half was brutal and the second half involved a skip in my step and a song in my heart.  Crawford Lorritts says, "Sometimes your hope has to be threatened in order for it to be strengthened."  True dat, Crawford.  I wonder what invitation Christ will extend to me in 2011?  Will I lean into it?  What reminds you that you are not Home yet?  Above I copied a youtube video of a song I literally have been hopping around to all day.  Pretty funny sight when one is wearing an ugly black boot for leg issues, but nevertheless it is a powerful song.  I can't wait to worship face to face with Him and with YOU beside me. 


sarahe said...

thanks for that reminder!

Carrie said... the sadness is normal?? wow, that's good to know...praise the Lord this life isn't what we're living for...miss you Beth

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