about me

Tennessee born, Tennessee bred with a love not only for the country, but the city and the Nations.  I have served with a campus ministry for 14 years with three being at Western Kentucky and then the director for 8 years at my favorite school, THE University of Tennessee Knoxville.  I am in my last semester of grad school pursuing my degree in counseling, as well as still working with campus ministry.  My heart is for healthy people, healthy relationships, and living in freedom beginning with authenticity and community.

Everyone loves a good story.  Who hasn't sat captivated in a circle of friends as "the entertainer" retells story with attention to detail, expression, and flair?  Here's to adding my own sense of "melodrama" to the blog world.

mel-o-dra-mat-ic "having the excitement and emotional appeal of melodrama; characteristic of acting or a stage performance"

mel-o-dra-ma "a sensational drama with events and emotions extravagantly expressed"