Sunday, June 20, 2010


One of my favorite things about my job is summer project. The last week and a half the staff have been preparing for the students' arrival and have had some fun along the way. The Today Show, NKOTB, a Patty Griffin & Buddy Miller concert, Tim Keller preaching at Redeemer, bonding with the team in Little Italy, meeting our students on Tuesday and praying for a great summer.

Tomorrow will be our first day out on the campuses around the city. We would be so grateful for your prayers as we talk with students about where they are on their spiritual journey. Thanks so much!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Start Spreadin' the News....I'm leaving Tuesday....

I'm leaving on Tuesday to spend my 3rd summer in the greatest city on Earth.....New York. The joys of working with a campus ministry comes in many forms, one being how I get to spend my summers. I've been to Russia, Santa Cruz, CA, Gatlinburg, Daytona, Orlando, Ft. Collins, Colorado, Clearhotter, FL, and now....NYC. There are 104 campuses in the NYC area and so few of them have any kind of Christian presence. So, a team of college students and staff will try to help the NYC staff team launch new ministries on some of the key campuses. We would covet your prayers.

So, here are a few reasons why I love NYC and why you should visit this glorious city. A NYC staff member, Ross, made a statement about why come to the city (Ross, I'm paraphrasing), "For all of you who want to get away in nature just to be with God, come to the city. God made people and that is His greatest creation, so come to the city." Yes, please. I think I will. So without further delay, here is my fave things list in photo and brilliant commentary on NYC.

1. No lhama's. NYC is lhama-free the last time I checked. However, I would not be surprised for someone to tell me that they saw a lhama walking to Macy's to check out the new fur coat collection. NYC has it all and they discriminate against no one, unless you are from Boston.
2. The skyline.
Seriously people, do I need to say more? Probably the most recognized skyline in the world.
3. The man. The journalist. The best. Tommy B. NYC boasts this famous resident and my goal this summer is to meet and interview him. We'll keep ya posted on this one. However you might find me with a sign outside of the Today show studios every Friday morning this summer with the concert series. I will say in a non-creepy-ish way to Matt Lauer my desire to meet Tommy B. and can he make that happen. I will then slip a crisp $5 into his hand (he needs the money) to make it happen

4. Um, yes this is my address.

5. Only in NYC can you make BFF's on the subway ride home from Flushing. I was trying to talk to him about llhama's and Tommy B. and he was overcome with emotion that he fell asleep.

6. Only in NYC can a 5'5" (never know where to put the " and ' and I'm in grad school) red-head do a photoshoot on a ferry for America's Next Top Southern Model. IT didn't go quite as planned since my hair kept getting stuck in my lip gloss.

7. When you arrive in the city, these people line the sidewalks and cheer for you. Kinda like the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before you.

8. Only in Washington Square Park (by NYC) can you share Christ with a man who has a hand puppet. We didn't know whether to talk to the man or the puppet.

9. City College. I loved working on this campus. Isn't it beautiful?

10. My best friend Lindsey Lohan visits the city. She has a new collection of ankle bracelets out that I'm hoping to talk with her about.

Just think, another adventure starts on Tuesday. On a serious note, God has brought the world to our door in NYC. It is always difficult for me to come home to Tennessee at the end of the summer. When I think about standing before Jesus in Heaven, I think about all the cultures of the world standing there with me, praising Him in every tongue. So, here's to you, Jesus. Thanks in advance for writing another great chapter in my life this summer. You know that I love a good story and could never be okay with normal.