Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time In Between

My friend Kristen texted me the title of this song and I wanted to share it with you. You can download it on itunes.

You were there when your Father said
Let there be lightYou obeyed when He whispered
Son, You have to leave tonight
To spend nine months in a mothers womb
Three days in a borrowed tomb

(Chorus One)But it’s the time in between
That brings me to my knees
Knowing you came for me
And all that I can't beI'm amazed, so amazed
And I thank You for the time in between

Don't take much for this crazy world
To rob me of my peace
And the enemy of my soul
Says You’re holding out on me
So I stand here lifting empty hands
For you to fill me up again

(Chorus Two)But it’s the time in between
That I fall down to my knees
Waiting on what You'll bring
And the things that I can't see
I know my song’s incomplete
Still I'll sing in the time in between
So many ways Your love has saved the day
And I'm grateful for them all

(Chorus 3)But it’s the time in between
The middle of two thieves
That says everything
It’s the reason I believeI'm amazed, so amazed
And I thank you for the time in between
Oh Lord, I thank you for the time in between

By: Francesca Battistelli

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Parody or Parallel?

Okay, so I'm seeing a trend in my life. About 6 years ago I was sick one weekend and started watching the tv show, "Alias" on dvd. It wasn't long after that I found myself on the internet wondering how someone could work for the CIA.

5 years ago I was sick once again and my friend Amanda rented me a season of "Gilmore Girls" in which I proceeded to watch every season. It wasn't long after that I found myself on the internet applying to culinary school in New England.

2 weeks ago I was iced in and started watching, "Glee" on I keep listening to the soundtrack and thinking, "I could lead a show choir! I'm dramatic and Broadway musicals make me cry (in a good way) unless it's, "Fiddler on the Roof" which is in turn traumatizing."

Anyway, there's something about these shows that make me want to live a fuller life with adventure and story. A story worth watching in a movie theater. This is the premise of a great book I just read by Donald Miller called, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years". God is writing our story, but are we allowing Him to live in us to the fullest to where we live with courage and faith? Even in the mundane things in life, do I ask myself in those moments, "Could I respond differently here or to this person or that situation to make it a better story?" Maybe it's speaking words of life into another person instead of just thinking the words. Maybe it means biking across the country in order to raise awareness about something God has given you a burden for.....I don't know, but what I do know is that God is saying to me, "Beth, I want you to have courage to live a better story." We'll see where this ride takes me....I hope I bump in to many of you along the way.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Judge Me....:)

It happened again. Every year I vow that I will not get sucked in to watching, "The Bachelor", but it's like a train wreck that you can't take your eyes off of. It's a laboratory for human behavior. Who came up with the idea? You take 25 women and you put them in the absolute worst environment emotionally possible and you sit back with your popcorn and with a pillow closeby just to cover your head because you are so embarrassed for these women. It doesn't help that the token "nutcase" of the season is from my hometown. Oh dear. At least I might have one client when I graduate with my masters in counseling.

So I was thinking. What would it be like to be a Christian and be a contestant on this show? 1. It would never happen, and 2. I'm too prideful. HOWEVER, let's just imagine what it could be like if the contestants were my friends. I imagine it would play out like this.....

My bubbly friend Loveday is the outgoing one. She would hop out of the limo and snag him with a witty comment and a gift to remember her by. Perhaps a little song and dance?

Haley would have her Diet Sundrop in hand and be the cool, laid back friend who took it all in and yet would be picked due to the "mystery".

My friend Beth would play it cool because she is cool, but inside her head would be figuring out his Myers Brigg personality type.

Kristen would be on the show just to commentate on all the dynamics in the room.

Sally (even though now married) would crawl under a table because she was so uncomfortable with how the girls were making fools of themselves.

My little sister would find out if he was financially responsible and if he had any issues.

I would trip.

Here's to another season of train wrecks.


P.S. I do think I could snag the first impresson rose, though.